Sorry, You're Not A Winner

Mrs.B, I see you're trying very hard to be taken seriously by the fashon world: you don't smile or eat. Let's not forget the collection of dresses you recently unleashed upon the fashionistas. I can bet you want to know my opinion and I am in a good enough mood to give it to you. One word: Yawn. I can see where you've taken your 'influences' from but we already have a Roland Mouret and he's fantastic at what he does so while immitation is the highest form of flattery surely you'd rather be known for your creativity and innovation? Sorry, I forgot that you don't actually design the pieces but 'know how they should fit'. That is a talent!
One of the more memorable pieces was this wool-blend dress even though to me it echoes a ceirtain Marc Jacobs worn by her and Kate Moss. I know the fabrics and decorative techniques are different but there's some sort of an annoying resembalance here.
Another 'simple, structured' piece with some exposed zip detailing... The collection doesn't have the 'wow' or any other factors. Simple is sometimes best but what I saw did not achieve the kind of simplicity that Calvin Klein was built on and the price tag was not justified in any shape or form. Come on, Mrs.B, have some toast although that may cause activity within the braincells resulting with a surge of creativity however I won't hold my breath.
P.S. - Too Mean?


TheStrawberryFields said...

I like Victoria Beckham but i do agree that she isnt really pushing any boundaries with her designs.
I think she will have to seriously step it up for her next collection if she is to stick around.
Yes she knows how things should fit so she should actually involve herself more and i think she would do brilliantly if she perhaps wasnt a little too refined.

MissMI6 said...

No not too mean, I think simplicity is the hardest look to achieve, i think Alexander wang's T line is better at simplicity than her dresses haha. (I love wang, that wasn't meant as an insult to him he's awesome.) But i know what you mean i agree with all you say here, most of her dresses just scream galaxy by VB! lol x