My Scents

Scents play an important part in getting dressed and creating a look since scents have the ability to set the tone: a spritz of something rosy may inspire you to be romantic with your outfit or an edgy scent can add a different dimension to a simlistic look. It comes across as strange to talk about a scent as part of an outfit because it is not visible but it can make you feel good when you don't think you look it. Scents also have the ability to take you back to a particular place in your memory be it a holiday or a great party, it can remind you of people, places and emotion therefore to me perfume will always play a big part in my wardrobe.

'Scents On Shelf'
My Scents:
  • Philosophy 'Falling in Love'
  • Gucci 'Flora'
  • DKNY 'Be Delicious'
  • Kate Moss 'Velvet Hour'
  • Calvin Klein 'Euphoria'
  • Clarins 'Par Amour Toujour'
  • Valentino 'V'
  • Christian Lacroix 'C'est La Fete'
  • Kate Moss 'Kate'
  • Moschino 'Funny'
  • Estee Lauder 'Sensuous'

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takethecake7 said...

Love it ^.^
Funny because i was thinking about scents last night too -mind readers indeed-
Your DKNY Be Delicious, definatly brings back memories haha xxx