I got to thinking about the word 'chic'. Everyone knows what it means and uses it when describing things but then I wondered what does 'chic' actually look like. French women are chic, Chanel bags are chic and so are LBDs but can you look 'chic' everyday without looking over done? I think so. I looked to models and their off-duty style for inspiration on how to put together chic outfits without fail. Here we have the beautiful Eniko Mihalik probably dashing in between shows looking, well, chic. The outfits is easy: black skinnies, tank and a jacket. Things like bows seem to add the chic factor as do the Louboutin and the Chanel bag but they are not necessary. Cheaper items will look just as good because it is not about the individual components but the overall effect. Easy Chic Easy Chic by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring Christian Louboutin shoes Lily Donaldson looks amazing in a simple blouse and a belted mini-skirt, something that all girls should have in their wardrobes. Add individuality with a printed bag and throw on some RayBans. Wedges are an alternative to the pain of heels and this season they have really emerged as the 'fashionable' shoe. Lily Donaldson Lily Donaldson by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring DKNY shoes I combined Maryna and Sasha's looks into one. Leather has taken on a different form lately making it wearable during daylight and this pleated skirt is a great example of it. Once again, the tank is featured and some really high heels. A single necklace keeps the look minimalistic and the fur coat adds that luxury element to the otherwise urban look. I think, in conclusion, that 'chic' is down to simlicity. Not complicating outfits is the main idea and only choosing accessories that are necessary without piling them on. The colour palete may be limited however it also means that pretty much everything in one's wardrobe will match resulting in less fashion disasters (although they're very fun!)

I've Missed My Blog

I've missed my blog! I thought I'd start by saying that because I've been 'silent' for a while and I know that lots has been happening in the fashion world. I have no excuse, except for the fact that college work is really tiring me out and upon entering my house I manage to watch Veronica Mars (great show) and then sleep. So to celebrate my return I decided to post a few resort collection highlights.
What a difference a few weeks make! I'm of course talking about Balenciaga here as their resort collection is by miles an improvement of what we saw at Paris Fashion Week. Then we had futuristic cyborgs now we have chic ones at least. The collections, in all its high fashion status, remains commerciality (and it is a good thing in this case) whilst being creatively forward. I love the ruffle collar with the belted mini as well as the fitted leather? jacket. Dresses are adorned with romantic patterns and structured to contrast all the femininity.


Of Course!

After the initial awe of the Alexander McQueen show passed, which was a while, curiosity took over as in who will actually wear....THOSE shoes? Seeing is my mind is ridiculously distracted at any point in time I completely forgot about a certain, wonderful fashion creature - Lady GaGa. Of course it would be the great fashion experimenter to attempt walking and even dancing in the monstrously beautiful creation otherwise knows as the Armadillo shoes. She also wore the gold dress and a pair of sculpted heels.

So ugly that they're actually beautiful! The detail in these shoes is crazy (for the lack of a better phrase) and I want to see how the high street (mainly Topshop) are going to interpret them.

These remind me or dragons and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Now, it takes courage (and then some) to actually wear an entire outfit from the lizard inspired collection but that's exactly what couture lover Daphne Guinness did. She chose look 24 completed with pastel coloured shoes that actually looked soft, romantic and quite...wearable? Hmmm....I think I love them.


It's Been A While And I'm Still Void Of Inspiration

As it currently stands, I have very little to blog about due to general life boredom and some college work. Here, I've taken the easy route and decided to display some runway-to-red-carpet looks. First up is Kristen Stewart in Proenza Schouler's charming and aquatically themed dress. I personally like it but it seems to speak louder than Stewart although she looks perfectly great in it. Did I mention that I completely loved Schouler's collection?
It took a matter if minutes before Sienna Miller turned up at some event in the latest look but that was expected, she's young and very concerned with fashion. Demi Moore in Balmain was surprising and surprisingly good. You wouldn't picture someone of Demi's age in Balmain but she is no ordinary woman. The cover of W looks amazing and the dress looks better on Demi (sorry Anja) as there is a considerate lack of protruding hipbones. Viktor&Rolf's last few semi-couture dresses were filled with joy beyond obvious. Not taking the designs seriously and simply drilling holes through them was slightly magical and Katy Perry is an extremely worthy candidate of such 'kooky' things. She didn't go full on with the make up from the show but looked equally great.
To summarise: Wooo! for new season's collections!


Treasures Of London

Jewellery is an interesting concept and one I don't touch on too frequently due to cost matters. Costume and vintage jewellery (the cheap kind) is obviously great as since you don't have to worry about loosing/replacing it too much. When it comes to actual jewellery, I'm kind of afraid to wear it in case the clasp opens or I do something silly to misplace it. So for years now I have paid zero attention to anything above the price tag of £20, that is until I came across the Links of London Grid Collection. The collection of pieces is inspired by London's urban culture and it's great to see it translated not only into clothing but also into more timeless jewellery creations. I mostly liked the music related pendants with the vinyl being my favourite. Prices are quite steep, starting from £50 and going into £400 although, in my opinion, the best pendants are £75-125. The price is quite justifiable, this kind of jewellery won't tarnish after a month and the designs are urban classics, With Christmas (ARRRHH! Even I (The Grinch) have started talking about the 'lovely holiday already) coming up it would make a great present, from someone else to you!