I got to thinking about the word 'chic'. Everyone knows what it means and uses it when describing things but then I wondered what does 'chic' actually look like. French women are chic, Chanel bags are chic and so are LBDs but can you look 'chic' everyday without looking over done? I think so. I looked to models and their off-duty style for inspiration on how to put together chic outfits without fail. Here we have the beautiful Eniko Mihalik probably dashing in between shows looking, well, chic. The outfits is easy: black skinnies, tank and a jacket. Things like bows seem to add the chic factor as do the Louboutin and the Chanel bag but they are not necessary. Cheaper items will look just as good because it is not about the individual components but the overall effect. Easy Chic Easy Chic by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring Christian Louboutin shoes Lily Donaldson looks amazing in a simple blouse and a belted mini-skirt, something that all girls should have in their wardrobes. Add individuality with a printed bag and throw on some RayBans. Wedges are an alternative to the pain of heels and this season they have really emerged as the 'fashionable' shoe. Lily Donaldson Lily Donaldson by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring DKNY shoes I combined Maryna and Sasha's looks into one. Leather has taken on a different form lately making it wearable during daylight and this pleated skirt is a great example of it. Once again, the tank is featured and some really high heels. A single necklace keeps the look minimalistic and the fur coat adds that luxury element to the otherwise urban look. I think, in conclusion, that 'chic' is down to simlicity. Not complicating outfits is the main idea and only choosing accessories that are necessary without piling them on. The colour palete may be limited however it also means that pretty much everything in one's wardrobe will match resulting in less fashion disasters (although they're very fun!)


coy colleen said...

i love this post, i think the term "chic" is used so loosely these days that even i don't know what it truly means...but i absolutely agree with you & it's definitely the aesthetic and color tones of the outfit. i love all these sets too!

City Love said...

Passing on the Beautiful Blogger Award to you!