Bloody Brilliant Burberry

So many words are needed to describe what I feel towards Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 10 as I watch the models sashay down the runway in their silver embelished trench-dresses and amazing draped skirts. I also laugh, just a little, at the way they manoeuvre the runway in gigantic heels. Since my words today are limited I simply want to declare my love by posting a video (the 1st part) so you too can experience the stylish beauty of the brand.

I May Have Flu But I Will Soldier Through Fashion Weeks

My darlings, I have fallen ill which made me fall behind on the fashion weeks and my posts. Believe me, I cried but there is nothing I can do. I haven't finished my London reviews and haven't even started on Milan...so the plan is: skip Milan, finish London, do Paris and come back to Milan at the end. A little silly but I think that's the best I can do. This man produced the fiercest shoulders at LFW and he goes by the name of Todd Lynn. The brand is not so long established so I always look forward to seeing his stuff and he didn't disappoint. Wearable trousers, great hues, draping detail and metal, pointy shoulders all made this a hit!
Twenty8Twelve was the British answer to Erin Wasson x RVCA and to be fair this is some strong competition. The looks were very summery which makes me wonder if they'll get any wear considering how much it rains during the summer but nevermind. I thought the styling was very well done and very errmmm....Sienna. Damn, I hoped to review Twenty8Twelve without mentioning her but yes, indeed, Sienna and Savannah Miller design this collection for those not in the know. All in all it was a lovely, commercial and cute effort with a funky little edge.
Luella is a brand that doesn't particularly impress but it doesn't disappoint either. The colours keep it youthful while the clothes themselves don't do much. A few nice prints here, some hightened waistlines there and a rip-off, sorry, inspiration taken from Balenciaga's armour dresses - make this seasons collection what it is. Maybe I'm nasty because of my chesty cough and inability to breathe through the nose but the brand just isn't evoloving but then again don't fix something if it ain't broke in the eyes of the designer.


Mr.Williamson, You're All Grown Up

I say Matthew Williamson and you say 'Boho!' You may need to alter your answer to the said question since boho he's no more. Everyone is shocked, believe me, what will Sienna Miller wear now? She'll probably continue wearing Williamson and in even bigger doses. Let me say it simply - it was awsome!
A more grown up, suave and cultured looks were shown on the catwalk not only helping with the evolution of the brand but also appealing to a wider demographic of women (not just happy-hippy types). Undeniably this was still Wiliamson in essence but a new angle was projected upon his work and the inclusion of tailoring was lovely to see as a contrast to the items seen in the previous seasons.
A structured frock with minimalist applique
I can decribe the outfit in one word: hot! On a more serious note, the tailored, high-waist short is very now and the what I assume is a knitwear top compliments it perfectly.

Print is a very Williamson element and he does it exceptionally well. It is suprising/refreshing to see one of his floral prints on a structured with subtly defined shoulders.

Embelishment? Check. Shift dress? Check. Inofensive colour? Check. Overall pretty look? Check again. But wait...what is that blazer doing and in a *gasp* black??? I'm guessing it's the transition from Boho Baron to Lord of Luxe.

Now I am simply running out of words but certainly not of appreciation towards the looks. Texture clashes, use of balck and appliqued sleeves. If someone let me near Mr.Williamson I'd hug him and say through the tears: 'I love you!'
Final dress of the show and what a way to end something so spectacular. Distorted floral print, somewhat of a signature, floor sweeping and very worthy of a red carpet.


LWF: Can I See Individuality?

London Fashion Week is the shit - both senses of the expression - of all other fashion weeks. Exactly here you can meet cutting edge with heritage brands taking the stage withing a few hours of each other. That's quite a great thing, no dicrimination, everyone gets a chance to shine (or essentially flop if you've read any of the London show reviews on style.com, seriously harsh). Last season this man brought you futuristic punk and this season it's all gone a little quiet. I'm not seeing innovation as such but I can't slate anything in particular too. The clothes were casual looking, something London almost aslways does, with a free-spirited feel. Splashes of patterns added interest while heirloom detail looked a tad out of place but none-the-less contributing to the over all looks...
Richard Nicoll
Yay! I am actually able to formulate an opinion about this collection! There was something about Louise Gray's clothes that made me smile. The looks were haphazard and pulled together, clashing yet complimenting and I didn't even mind the whacky hair and make up. To me the biggest appeal is the translation of DIY into sophisticated looks but then again I may be on my own when I say that this is reminiscent of any kind of DIY clothes. There's also something so Marc by Marc Jacobs about this but without the 'in-your-face' message unlike the Marc collection that apperently wanted to encourage girls to move away from black and studs in order to be individual ( Don't hold thy breath Marc!).
Anywho...Ultimately the collection is youthful and uninhibited by quotas and profit margins therefore retains it's playfull creativity.
Louise Gray



I don't think that New York Fashion Week presented us with a more wearable collection than Halston. Each and every look was as strong as each other and oh so desirable making this collection a potential favourite of mine. Halston didn't over complicate things: simple shapes, neautral colours with pops of bright and fluid fabrics. There is no point in me describing it so I uploaded most of the looks for you to enjoy!


Simple Does It

So I'm getting a tad bored of posting about NY fashion week (I will carry on, I just need a break) so I decided to show you one of my all time favourite outfits. It doesn't look spectacular but to me it's as good as it gets. I like it because it has a simple elegance, understated sexiness and casual chicness.

Entire Outfit: H&M
Get The Look:
Simply Does It Simply Does It by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring Louis Vuitton accessories


More Great Stuff From NY Fashion Week

I'll start by saying that it is getting very late therefore my title sucks since something's got to give....Anyway, here we have the chic collection from Lutz&Patmos and while the name may sound unfamiliar get yourself acquainted with the label's look as it appears like a one many people will want to be rocking. The sport-luxe element of this gives the collection it's main appeal in terms of wearability. I would describe the over all feel of the show as a paired down Wang mixed with Stella McCartney. Enjoy!
Thakoon did a great job at capturing imaginations with it's hints of structure and a lovely colour spectrum that reflected the mood of spring without being in our face about it. Draping made an appearancee like in the case of many designers but that doesn't make it any less beautiful as the interpretations of draping at Thakoon are very different to Donna Karan or BCBG for example.
I like the delicately sprikled prints which adorned dresses and also seperates. The models looked paired down yet glamourous partly down to clever make up and majorly thanks to the outfit's that made cocktail dresses look relaxed and casual seperates appear alluring.

Donna and Carolina Take The Floor

Yesterday we saw collections from Carolina Herrera and Donna Karan being unveiled upon the fashion world. Donna Karan didn't really change her look from what we saw last season but altered it a way that this collection still feels fresh and relevant which is impressive as we're in a world where consistency causes boredom. The draping was such a highlight, it skimmed the body and created curves whilst flattering hemlines elongated the legs. I also loved the neautral colour pallete since many designers think that spting/summer means bright, bright, bright and I prefer paired down hued which this beautifully does.

Donna Karan

The other collectio I have to highlight is Carolina Herrera. We all know how fantastic the evening wear is, it being the choice of many Oscar gowns however that is not what impressed me this season. The tailoring in this collection was just spectacular bringing a glamour element to otherwise casual short suits that wouldn't look out of place in an office as well as a cocktail party. Fabric choices really impressed me together with the accessories: belts in particular. Splashes of print added a fun, flirty dimension and of course the evening gowns completed and supported an all around fab collection.

Carolina Herrera


Strong Shoulder

For this look I experimented with how accessories can totally transform an outfit (not exactly groundbreaking news) and decided to take pictures along the way.
The starting point is a simplistic white dress with strong shoulder details that gives a great silhouette and balances proportions of the body and I also adore the hemline as it hits at a very good position on the thigh.

Step 1
The next stage is adding an understated skinny belt in a contrasting colour (Chanel inspiration). This dress does necessarily need a belt because it is body-conscious but in my opinion it breaks down the colour block and continues to add structure to the body.

Step 2
Lastly I complete the look with a statement necklace that has elements of Art Deco whilst adding a luxury element to the otherwise simple look. When the items are put together the look achieved is completely different from the end result taking the dress from modern simplicity to timeless elegance and it makes me feel like a fashion editor on her way to a fashion show which can only be a good thing!

Step 3