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Ok, so everyone's been raving about Erin Wasson x RVCA and the latest offrings from Alexander Wang. Sure, I will give you my opinion but I thought I'd start with a different observation. Is it just me or did some of the models actually look healthy? Erin Wasson's line had many hotpants which is great and part of her style but the models wearing them also had meat (in a good sense) on their bones. There was Heidi Mount with great, healthy legs and not too much musce definition which I find really refreshing to looks at. These women are supposed to be models and not gladiators. There was the ever cute Eniko Mihalik sporting *gasp* a woman's body and Lily Donaldson's legs were if anything athletic. It would also be impossible to talk about models without mentioniong the definitive 'It' girl of the moment, Natasha Poly. Considering that she's so high up at the top she probably parties with angels you'd expect her to look like a toothpick and yet her figure soft and feminine.
Heidi Mount
Eniko Mihalik Lily Donaldson Natasha Poly
So does this mean that the trends for skinny bodies had shifted? Not really. I still saw a few girls who could use a sandwich like Chanel Iman but this is still a step in the right direction. The clothes looked so much better on those girls who filled out their statuesque frames so lets hope the designers/casting directors/fashion industry takes notice and keeps booking healthy looking girls. Chanel Iman
P.S. I liked Eron Wasson for RVCA sue to it's wearable nature and bohemian edginess. Obviously the looks aren't for everyone but this collection really hits it target audience of young girls with laid back style. I was not a fan of Alexander Wang's look. Some outfits were ok but over all I wasn't particularly impressed with the shaplesness of it all.

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Marsey said...

The models look very healthy this year! but this is NYC we're talking about, I just hope it's the same in Paris and Milan... where thin models are as normal as beautiful collections.

xoxo Marsey