Strong Shoulder

For this look I experimented with how accessories can totally transform an outfit (not exactly groundbreaking news) and decided to take pictures along the way.
The starting point is a simplistic white dress with strong shoulder details that gives a great silhouette and balances proportions of the body and I also adore the hemline as it hits at a very good position on the thigh.

Step 1
The next stage is adding an understated skinny belt in a contrasting colour (Chanel inspiration). This dress does necessarily need a belt because it is body-conscious but in my opinion it breaks down the colour block and continues to add structure to the body.

Step 2
Lastly I complete the look with a statement necklace that has elements of Art Deco whilst adding a luxury element to the otherwise simple look. When the items are put together the look achieved is completely different from the end result taking the dress from modern simplicity to timeless elegance and it makes me feel like a fashion editor on her way to a fashion show which can only be a good thing!

Step 3


Marsey said...

Wow the dress is completely transformed! I loved the necklace especially. Adds just the right touch!

xoxo marsey

Rianna Bethany said...

oooooh love the art deco-ish necklace, it's the best era!
Rianna Bethany xxxx

Erinmarie said...

I love this, such a pretty dress

TheStrawberryFields said...

That is 3 outfits for the price of one,what a gem.
That white dress is gorgeous even on its own,you suit it so well.