Mr.Williamson, You're All Grown Up

I say Matthew Williamson and you say 'Boho!' You may need to alter your answer to the said question since boho he's no more. Everyone is shocked, believe me, what will Sienna Miller wear now? She'll probably continue wearing Williamson and in even bigger doses. Let me say it simply - it was awsome!
A more grown up, suave and cultured looks were shown on the catwalk not only helping with the evolution of the brand but also appealing to a wider demographic of women (not just happy-hippy types). Undeniably this was still Wiliamson in essence but a new angle was projected upon his work and the inclusion of tailoring was lovely to see as a contrast to the items seen in the previous seasons.
A structured frock with minimalist applique
I can decribe the outfit in one word: hot! On a more serious note, the tailored, high-waist short is very now and the what I assume is a knitwear top compliments it perfectly.

Print is a very Williamson element and he does it exceptionally well. It is suprising/refreshing to see one of his floral prints on a structured with subtly defined shoulders.

Embelishment? Check. Shift dress? Check. Inofensive colour? Check. Overall pretty look? Check again. But wait...what is that blazer doing and in a *gasp* black??? I'm guessing it's the transition from Boho Baron to Lord of Luxe.

Now I am simply running out of words but certainly not of appreciation towards the looks. Texture clashes, use of balck and appliqued sleeves. If someone let me near Mr.Williamson I'd hug him and say through the tears: 'I love you!'
Final dress of the show and what a way to end something so spectacular. Distorted floral print, somewhat of a signature, floor sweeping and very worthy of a red carpet.

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Maz said...

These pics are making me feel all inspirational! Especially those bronze shorts - amazing anyone?