1940's Style

Whilst some designers decided that 1980's is the decade that is going bring in most revenue due to some-what in your face looks others looked to a more conservative but no less glamourous era of the 1940.
In terms of innovation I guess it is nothing new but it's a great look for everyday wear. Many 'classic' designers showed at some varation if it. There was Aquilano.Rimondi's velvet burgundy trench with some shoulder detail and a nipped in waist. Dolce & Gabbana went all out with their silhouette and added costume jewellery. Bottega Veneta did understated chic with the inspiration being taken from the conservative mannerisms of the time.
Translating the look into one's wardrobe is quite easy. Look for vintage inspired dresses with lace and keep the colours neautral unless you want to recreate that Dolce&Gabbana. The idea is not to look like a 1940's throwback but to bring the look alive again. The colour burgundy works well and picking a structured outwear piece in this colour will add a modern look to the soft dress. Wearing chunky ankle boots is another way to update the trend. Note on hemlines: it was a conservative era so, please, not too much thigh.
Accessories, in my opinion, should not overwhelm this look as there's enough going on. A brooch or a cameo necklace with a few rings will be mor than enough. To complete the outfit simply add a vintage/quilted bag.
Lara Stone - French Vogue Lara Stone - French Vogue by Z♥LDN (Read.My.Blog.) featuring Yumi bags

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The Fashion Enthusiast said...

I love each look above.. and the set is amazing. Great job! I especially loved Lily's look in the third picture. THe color is just magnificent.