Stud Wars

Remember I told you that I got a casting for JC/DC? Well, to the casting I went. Yesterday in fact, on Fashion's Night Out.
Deciding what to wear was a tedious process since I wanted to look like it was just me being me but I also wanted to look thin since you know, they're looking for thin. I ended up wearing this indigo number adorned with studs and a super-short hem and pairing it with yet more studs in the form of my 5" heels. This look undoubtedly drew attention to me whilst I walked down Oxford and Regents street. Also the shoes just about killed my feet.
I walked into the store only to spot Roisin Murphy (she sounds unfamiliar but I guarantee you've seen her face) try on shoes with her larger than life stylist. I look lost and the shop assistant ask if I'm here for the casting. I say yes and she gets me to fill out a form. Now I wait.
Standing there I check out my 'competition' and spot a girl with her 'book' from Select models: pretty but I'm taller. A man with a big camera walks into the store and I catch him looking at me...Nerves are really kicking in.
I'm invited to go downstairs where I meet the casting director and she says: 'Get Zhenya into the dress, please. No! Wait...actually, give her the jumpsuit'. I go to the changing room and pray that the jumpsuit isn't a sample 0 size. I put it on and result! It's actually big! I am also given funky shoes and asked to walk before 5 people. I do as I'm told but now reflecting upon my walk it was atrocious considering the shoes were 2 sizes too big. The casting director takes a head shot and a full length one.
The male photographer then asks if I mind going back up to the store so he can take a few pictures and obviously I agree. He picks out a position with natural lighting and asks me to pose. I try. *Click, click* 'Good' he announces. 'And one more...That's great'.
I go back to the changing room and give them the jumpsuit (which was oh so cute in white cotton with colourfull poppers on the front and a wide belt). I thank everyone and leave, praying that they aren't too judgemental upon my walk.
My favourite pair of shoes!


Isquisofrenia Style said...

wow wow, girl, i hate competition like that hahha but anyways this dress your wearing is awesome and those are some killer heels!!


Marsey said...

OMG THIS LOOK IS AMAAZINGGGGGGGG!!!! I'm obsessed with that dress... and those boots?!?! I would kill for those boots. Great great look, my dear!!

xoxo Marsey

kpeach said...

Great boots! I hope you booked it...

MissMI6 said...

Gorgeous outfit here, oooh you look gorgeous (with a great body - so i hope they see that lol) and i hope you get the chance to continue with it. ooooh Roisin my mum loves her lol. She's awesome, always out and about in the fashion world!! AWEEESOME! :) xxx