Farewell Lacroix?

I have a confession to make and to those closely involved with the fashion world (or a desire to be) this may come as a shock. I’ve never been into haute couture. Go ahead, gasp and sigh but I do have a semi-logical explanation. The finances that have magically accumulated in my bank account aren’t any good when it comes to buying good, old prêt-à-porter therefore a couture piece is as elusive as ever. I don’t view couture as clothing to be worn, to me it is art to be admired. Seriously, replace dull galleries with show-casings of haute couture and then you’ll get people taking interest. Hearing the news that, arguably, the world’s greatest couturier is about to ‘stall production’ due to the economic crises was not pleasant. So perhaps the fact that he has never turned a profit in his extensive history with the couture house served as an indicator but it was non the less disappointing that I would never lay my eyes on another collection inspired by the Ukrainian virgin brides.
Lacroix’s (last?) collection was funded privately by the man himself with the models only getting paid €50. The colours were watered down to reflect the financial state of the company with fewer displays of the extravagance that he is known for. The last piece was an exuberant wedding dress decorated to perfection, in a way it was Lacroix’s manner of signing of whilst saying this is what I am about and if I am unable to do it, I won’t do it at all.
Last Look Of the Collection


Celebrity Ad Campaigns

Casually scrolling through www.elleuk.com I saw these photos, fresh new designer campaign images. Lily Allen for Chanel? I'm not convinced. Don't get me wrong, I love her and her witty song lyrics as well as her fashion sense that swings from the elegant to the trashy within 24 hours. Yes, she looks good but she also looks a little out of place, maybe that's just me. Now then, Alexa for DKNY. I get it. She's androgynous, stylish and deprived of personality. The personality comment may seem harsh but then again I was subjected to watching her fashon TV programme 'Frock Me' and the only thing I felt like saying after it was 'Kill Me'. Otherwise I have no problem with this, almost.

Pucci's New Look

Pucci has long been known as a 'fun' brand mostly picked by celebrities and jet setting women when packing their suitcases. Matthew Williamson was the brand's creative director for three years and it seemed like he was very happy to pursue the psychedelic prints and bright colours that Pucci is known for. So when the brand announced that a new creative director was to replace him quite a few people became suspicious. The arrival of Peter Dundas is my opinion did wonders for the brand. Having worked for Ungaro and Christian Lacroix the man certainly was talented but was he right for Pucci's bright look? Definitely. He took the 'fun' factor and transformed it into elegance. It created an edge that Pucci was missing. A/W 2007- Bright and loud A/W 2008- Loud Prints
A/W 2009- The prints are muted, the silhouettes simplified and the colours toned down to a couple of hues used repeatedly in day and evening wear. The brand is ready to take the spotlight again as a serious contender on the fashion scene and the one to watch the upcoming seasons.


First Of Many

This is my first official entry so instead of going on about my excitement of the fact that I am now a 'blogger' I thought it would be better if I got down to business. I shall start with my musings on Erdem's A/W 09 collection. I was amazed at the man's aesthetic. Undeniably beautiful, shamelessly feminine and strikingly stylish. I love the shapes and when it comes to colour, I personally think it's one of the most sophisticated palettes out there.
Structured and Feminine
Best Jumpsuit of The Season