I'm really lacking style inspiration as of lately. Whenever I peer into my wardrobe I get a sense of longing for a sheer, swallow-print Miu Miu blouse, a chiffon Givenchy dress or one of Prada's silky jackets. *LOUD SIGH* That won't happen, probably ever. So, I was surprised at how much the following images delighted my style instinct. The look is faultless: florals, lace, colour, rings...If I see this girl on the street, I will rob her of that outfit. Be warned.


Material Possessions: You Don't Actually Need But No One Stops You Lusting

I really love this image. I want to have all the items in it. It sums up the kind of lustful obsession that we have with certain fashion items and nothing is better at illustrating that point than the Mulberry Alexa or the amazing Miu Miu shoes. At least I already have the Chloe perfume, the rest will surely follow (!)


Tattoos Are No Longer Permanent, Words Still Are

I really do love tattoos. I think as long as they're tasteful and meaningful, there shouldn't be a reason not to get one. I also love seeing them photographed, it almost brings the idea of a tattoo to a higher realm and somewhat removing the negative connotations that can sometimes be ascribed to them. These tattoos are not my taste but I can appreciate the beauty of them.


The Sun Is Out But I'm Still In Shivers

ARRGGH! This inbetween-season confusion is not fun. One minute, when the sun is out, it's lovely and warm, then the wind appears from no where and you find yourself freezing in a chiffon dress and a denim jacket. So, this bring me to...trench coats. I know, it's an obvious choice but seriously, they're lifesavers. They're light enough to just carry on your arm and are long enough, in most instances, to cover the whole outfit so you don't have to worry about matching it. Also, lace and denim? I was afraid it's a little too 80's but it seems when worn with other very non-80's items, it can look both: cute and sophisticated. The one is the set is a D&G but I think a DIY project could produce something very similar (much cheaper too). I'm Beginning To Miss Him I'm Beginning To Miss Him by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring Burberry coats P.S. The picture of Ed Westwick is purely for my enjoyment.


You Make Me Feel...Something

I don't know what it is exactly but these images kind of sum up London summer style. The careless pairing of denim and lace would look perfect somewhere on Portobello Road.