The Sun Is Out But I'm Still In Shivers

ARRGGH! This inbetween-season confusion is not fun. One minute, when the sun is out, it's lovely and warm, then the wind appears from no where and you find yourself freezing in a chiffon dress and a denim jacket. So, this bring me to...trench coats. I know, it's an obvious choice but seriously, they're lifesavers. They're light enough to just carry on your arm and are long enough, in most instances, to cover the whole outfit so you don't have to worry about matching it. Also, lace and denim? I was afraid it's a little too 80's but it seems when worn with other very non-80's items, it can look both: cute and sophisticated. The one is the set is a D&G but I think a DIY project could produce something very similar (much cheaper too). I'm Beginning To Miss Him I'm Beginning To Miss Him by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring Burberry coats P.S. The picture of Ed Westwick is purely for my enjoyment.

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