Tattoos Are No Longer Permanent, Words Still Are

I really do love tattoos. I think as long as they're tasteful and meaningful, there shouldn't be a reason not to get one. I also love seeing them photographed, it almost brings the idea of a tattoo to a higher realm and somewhat removing the negative connotations that can sometimes be ascribed to them. These tattoos are not my taste but I can appreciate the beauty of them.


takethecake7 said...

Miami Ink started this crazed obsession for me; now I'm hooked on the idea of getting one xxx

TheStrawberryFields said...

I always appreciate a good bit of tattoo work for the time and effort that has went in to them,even if it isnt my taste.
There is nothing worse than opting for a tattooist just because he or she is cheap,look at their portfolio...is it any good? does it wow you? and if it does you have found your tattooist.