I'm really lacking style inspiration as of lately. Whenever I peer into my wardrobe I get a sense of longing for a sheer, swallow-print Miu Miu blouse, a chiffon Givenchy dress or one of Prada's silky jackets. *LOUD SIGH* That won't happen, probably ever. So, I was surprised at how much the following images delighted my style instinct. The look is faultless: florals, lace, colour, rings...If I see this girl on the street, I will rob her of that outfit. Be warned.


toxic disco boy said...

inspiration indeed. ^^

coy colleen said...

have you heard of RentTheRunway.com? kind of like bag borrow or steal. you can borrow clothes from designers for a pretty cheap price! the only thing is that it's such a tease..you only get the dress for so long and you just wish you owned it