And What Do You Know?

Hello? Is anyone actually there? Hello?!?! Please....Anyone? I'm being a tad dramatic but after such a long break from blogging I don't actually expect anyone to still care about my writing. I've been on a strange fashion lull, that's not to say that I've avoided fashion magazines or shops, I just haven't felt any real pull towards it. Collections floated by me and I couldn't care less. It was strange. However, my Vogue (British) arrived in the mail today. Once again, no excitement swept over me as I glanced at its slightly bland cover albeit with the lovely Freja on it. I started turning the pages and something magical started happening, as if all the colours and pretty metaphors lifted off the page and I inhaled them causing a fashion revolution inside my brain. I genuinely felt inspired as I turned the glossy pages and witnessed the new season take shape before my eyes.
I wanted to start with a post on the Gucci pre-fall campaign. That image just makes me want to live it, it's probably one of the only times I've really understood what the phrase 'buying into the lifestyle' means. The scene is so idyllic with the lounging beauties, sleek clothes, vintage car and elegant man. Clearly, this is as far removed from reality as possible, because lying on a car cannot be that comfortable and yet somehow, maybe if I purchased that dress I could live like that too? Dreaming is healthy, I won't hear anything otherwise.

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