Celebrity Ad Campaigns

Casually scrolling through www.elleuk.com I saw these photos, fresh new designer campaign images. Lily Allen for Chanel? I'm not convinced. Don't get me wrong, I love her and her witty song lyrics as well as her fashion sense that swings from the elegant to the trashy within 24 hours. Yes, she looks good but she also looks a little out of place, maybe that's just me. Now then, Alexa for DKNY. I get it. She's androgynous, stylish and deprived of personality. The personality comment may seem harsh but then again I was subjected to watching her fashon TV programme 'Frock Me' and the only thing I felt like saying after it was 'Kill Me'. Otherwise I have no problem with this, almost.


MissMI6 said...

Hahahahahaah deprived of personality, i still haven't had the chance to watch this frock me thing, dont have the right tv channel.. but maybe i'll utube it, i dont really like alex anyway!!

I think Lily is perfect for chanel, but also totally wrong.. x

TheStrawberryFields said...

Your posting is quite humorous hehe,i love Lily so i love she is in the new Chanel ads.
Alexa her time is ticking i think.