LWF: Can I See Individuality?

London Fashion Week is the shit - both senses of the expression - of all other fashion weeks. Exactly here you can meet cutting edge with heritage brands taking the stage withing a few hours of each other. That's quite a great thing, no dicrimination, everyone gets a chance to shine (or essentially flop if you've read any of the London show reviews on style.com, seriously harsh). Last season this man brought you futuristic punk and this season it's all gone a little quiet. I'm not seeing innovation as such but I can't slate anything in particular too. The clothes were casual looking, something London almost aslways does, with a free-spirited feel. Splashes of patterns added interest while heirloom detail looked a tad out of place but none-the-less contributing to the over all looks...
Richard Nicoll
Yay! I am actually able to formulate an opinion about this collection! There was something about Louise Gray's clothes that made me smile. The looks were haphazard and pulled together, clashing yet complimenting and I didn't even mind the whacky hair and make up. To me the biggest appeal is the translation of DIY into sophisticated looks but then again I may be on my own when I say that this is reminiscent of any kind of DIY clothes. There's also something so Marc by Marc Jacobs about this but without the 'in-your-face' message unlike the Marc collection that apperently wanted to encourage girls to move away from black and studs in order to be individual ( Don't hold thy breath Marc!).
Anywho...Ultimately the collection is youthful and uninhibited by quotas and profit margins therefore retains it's playfull creativity.
Louise Gray

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MargieF said...

That second Richard Nicoll dress is lovely. I like the clean lines mixed with the eccentricity of heritage...