Sex and The City: Here We Go Again

Now, I don't know about you but I've been a fan of Sex and The City ever since I blew £90 on all the seasons only to discover that the complete collection costs around £50. Anyway when the first movie came out I was over the moon, it was an uber-long SATC episode with even more great clothes, from all the characters and not just the fashion-fearless Bradshaw.
The sequel began filming today (or yesterday, I guess) in New York and there are already pictures! A part of me loves seeing those snapshots but then again I'm disappointed as it kind of spoils the movie.
It's interesting to see what Carrie&Co will wearing to make sure that they are on trend for when the movie is released. I shall leave to to ponder with an image of my all time fasvourite on-screen fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw.


MissMI6 said...

OH MY GAWWWWD! You're freakingggg kidding me lol. How did i not know about this. Haha unlucky my dad got the box set for me last year, after having watched them about 50 times over on paramount comedy lol. She looks awesome here, classy , i think they will have to change the dress sense slightly to fit with their ages aswell! x

The Fashion Enthusiast said...

Carrie Bradshaw is my style icon. SHe really is... so confident in everything she wears. It's so inspirational