I May Have Flu But I Will Soldier Through Fashion Weeks

My darlings, I have fallen ill which made me fall behind on the fashion weeks and my posts. Believe me, I cried but there is nothing I can do. I haven't finished my London reviews and haven't even started on Milan...so the plan is: skip Milan, finish London, do Paris and come back to Milan at the end. A little silly but I think that's the best I can do. This man produced the fiercest shoulders at LFW and he goes by the name of Todd Lynn. The brand is not so long established so I always look forward to seeing his stuff and he didn't disappoint. Wearable trousers, great hues, draping detail and metal, pointy shoulders all made this a hit!
Twenty8Twelve was the British answer to Erin Wasson x RVCA and to be fair this is some strong competition. The looks were very summery which makes me wonder if they'll get any wear considering how much it rains during the summer but nevermind. I thought the styling was very well done and very errmmm....Sienna. Damn, I hoped to review Twenty8Twelve without mentioning her but yes, indeed, Sienna and Savannah Miller design this collection for those not in the know. All in all it was a lovely, commercial and cute effort with a funky little edge.
Luella is a brand that doesn't particularly impress but it doesn't disappoint either. The colours keep it youthful while the clothes themselves don't do much. A few nice prints here, some hightened waistlines there and a rip-off, sorry, inspiration taken from Balenciaga's armour dresses - make this seasons collection what it is. Maybe I'm nasty because of my chesty cough and inability to breathe through the nose but the brand just isn't evoloving but then again don't fix something if it ain't broke in the eyes of the designer.

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MissMI6 said...

Do you want to get involved in fashion journalism by any chance, the way you write is so witty and engaging! Aweeesome! Okay, yeah i fell soooo behind on the fashion weeks too, then i just gave up and i will do them in half term or something , or just not at all. I agree, Burberry was bloody beautiful. I was just mesmerized by the whole show!!! If i had thousands of pounds i know where'd i'd be shopping!!
Statement shoulders yay! :) xxx