More Great Stuff From NY Fashion Week

I'll start by saying that it is getting very late therefore my title sucks since something's got to give....Anyway, here we have the chic collection from Lutz&Patmos and while the name may sound unfamiliar get yourself acquainted with the label's look as it appears like a one many people will want to be rocking. The sport-luxe element of this gives the collection it's main appeal in terms of wearability. I would describe the over all feel of the show as a paired down Wang mixed with Stella McCartney. Enjoy!
Thakoon did a great job at capturing imaginations with it's hints of structure and a lovely colour spectrum that reflected the mood of spring without being in our face about it. Draping made an appearancee like in the case of many designers but that doesn't make it any less beautiful as the interpretations of draping at Thakoon are very different to Donna Karan or BCBG for example.
I like the delicately sprikled prints which adorned dresses and also seperates. The models looked paired down yet glamourous partly down to clever make up and majorly thanks to the outfit's that made cocktail dresses look relaxed and casual seperates appear alluring.


Engreida said...

Love the Thakoon line!

Jo said...

mmm, I hadn't really heard of Lutz&Patmos before, but the sophisticated simplicity of their pieces leave me excited! I'm sure to check out the entire collection.

Nice blog!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

wow, this collection is amazing, evertyghing is gorgeous, but my favorite is the blue jacket.

you have such a lovely blog

Isquisofrenia Style said...

oh really? i ddint even know h&m has something similar.
now have to check it out!
thank you for the info