Jimmy Choo for H&M

I've been meaning to do a post on this but it kept escaping my mind. Finally I have gotten around to it so, Jimmy Choo is doing a collection for H&M!!! Yes, you can tell how excited I am. H&M is really great at picking designer collaborations and this one even sounds reasonable priced at items start at £30. Now, I think that it is perfectly acceptably to pay £30 for shoes or a bag let alone one designed by Jimmy Choo. The collection will include shoes, bag and accessories. There is a range for men and I also heard something about clothing but I say stick to what you know best. The range will be on sale in larger stores nationwide from November 14th. Get saving ladies!


Tomorrow said...

wow thats going to be so good! H&M are amazing at collections by good designers. I adored the Mathew Williamson one they did recently but they've done loads of really good ones!
Tomorrow x
PS: thanx 4 the nice comment on my blog!

Dee Her said...

love Jimmy Choo.