I've Missed My Blog

I've missed my blog! I thought I'd start by saying that because I've been 'silent' for a while and I know that lots has been happening in the fashion world. I have no excuse, except for the fact that college work is really tiring me out and upon entering my house I manage to watch Veronica Mars (great show) and then sleep. So to celebrate my return I decided to post a few resort collection highlights.
What a difference a few weeks make! I'm of course talking about Balenciaga here as their resort collection is by miles an improvement of what we saw at Paris Fashion Week. Then we had futuristic cyborgs now we have chic ones at least. The collections, in all its high fashion status, remains commerciality (and it is a good thing in this case) whilst being creatively forward. I love the ruffle collar with the belted mini as well as the fitted leather? jacket. Dresses are adorned with romantic patterns and structured to contrast all the femininity.

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