Treasures Of London

Jewellery is an interesting concept and one I don't touch on too frequently due to cost matters. Costume and vintage jewellery (the cheap kind) is obviously great as since you don't have to worry about loosing/replacing it too much. When it comes to actual jewellery, I'm kind of afraid to wear it in case the clasp opens or I do something silly to misplace it. So for years now I have paid zero attention to anything above the price tag of £20, that is until I came across the Links of London Grid Collection. The collection of pieces is inspired by London's urban culture and it's great to see it translated not only into clothing but also into more timeless jewellery creations. I mostly liked the music related pendants with the vinyl being my favourite. Prices are quite steep, starting from £50 and going into £400 although, in my opinion, the best pendants are £75-125. The price is quite justifiable, this kind of jewellery won't tarnish after a month and the designs are urban classics, With Christmas (ARRRHH! Even I (The Grinch) have started talking about the 'lovely holiday already) coming up it would make a great present, from someone else to you!


toxic disco boy said...

i agree. sometimes, u just have to spend a little for these cute pieces. hehe. but im just like u. i dont spend a lot on blings since i dont like spending much on a piece of metal. kinda ironic since my parents are jewelry makers. haha.

Noelle Chantal said...

i'm not a huge fan of jeweleries/accessories. i can go out just by wearing my fave watch. may be its because my mom has tons of really nice jewelries which i can borrow from her. by the way, those music pendants are quite nice and fun too! :)

Lori said...

i love that you have the true blood theme song on here- it definatley surprised me when it started to play it lol.