My Look Book

By now everyone should've realised just how much I love stripes. No, really. I LOVE stripes. Red&white, navy&white, grey&black, Black&white - just about any combination works for me and I wear an outfit that includes striped at least twice a week 'cos I'm cool like that. (I refrained really hard from not sayin LOL). What you're seeing is a simple skirt that I picked on on sale somewhere with a long-line stripe top that has some shoulder pad detail and a stud belt. The bag. Lets talk about it. I have discovered a Marc Jacobs in my mum's closet and have firmly claimed it as my own. It's from a few seasons ago but who cares? In my eyes it's a classic.
I'm also mixing silver with gold which is supposed to be a big 'no-no' but in real life people don't have the time to match such details.


MissMI6 said...

Personally i used to think silver and gold was a no no - but then when you just chuck it all together it can look great hehe. I love this! Haha, about the LOL part :P xxx

TheStrawberryFields said...

That would be great if i could just find a Marc Jacobs bag haha amazing sweetie,im a bit like you i definately have stripes on at least twice a week.
Theyre so chic and flattering at the same time.

The Sideshow Scrapbook said...

Wow great outfit!!! I love stripes aswell....it never goes out of fashion in my eyes. I wish i could find a Marc Jacobs in my mothers weardrobe.....lucky lucky

Laura xxx