I'll Meet You At The Barn

Wow..this was certainly unexpected. Who knew that Karl Lagerfeld had a thing for barns? It's actually quite exciting, not him having a thing for barns, but as a concept which Lagerfeld executed amazingly par the shoes. Lily Allen perfomed! You may recall that her video for 'It's Not Fair' was also set in a barn-type of studio so perhaps her and Lagerfeld got together and decided it would oh-so-ironic to share the concept although it could be a fluke, you decide!
Ok, so the shoes. The first part of the collection featured milk-maid clog type of things which was so out of sync with the brand's image my eyes didn't know where to look. On the bright side, just about every look was pure Chanel but cuter. Yes, the word cute is exactly what is needed to describe it as it is paired back Chanel, one that has let it's hair down and rolled about in the hay.
The gowns were of a relaxed glamour that create effortless lines around the body with sheerness to express the naughtier attitude of the Chanel girl this season. The hemlines were flirtaciously thigh-skimming whilst the ivory colours kept it day-light friendly. As always we didn't see a whole lot of colour variation but the man tried with some red outfits aswell as some denim and a small bunch of floral prints -injected as youthful touches.
Another season and another hit (the shoes improved as the show went on) all thanks to Karl's ever evolving vision that doesn't compromise on heritage. The clothes seemed much more 'girl' than 'woman', arguably the main client of the brand, still he should not worry since most women want youthfully tastefull clothes.

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coy colleen said...

so interesting..i'm trying to grasp these images but it looks like a show you HAD to be at in order to understand this concept...no clue! nevertheless i love the clothes