For The Love Of Lanvin

Warning: this post contains a huge amount of photos and gushing, proceed with caution.
The show opened with a typically 'Lanvin' look of glamour and sophistication but the fash-pack craved more. Oy, if only they knew what Monsieur Elbaz had in store. What became apparent after a few minutes was that Elbar was taking his 'woman' on a journey. He looked for something deeper which is evident in all the details and some raw edges - perfect imperfections. Flaws make us interesting and enhance the otherwise unatainable air of the clothes.
There show was divided into to parts, at least in my mind. First: day-glam and second: glam-siren. The detailing of the sequined umpsuits makes my eyes water with its sheer beauty and the beading looks too intricate to touch. Colours are simply amazing, spring-like without loosing that luxe richness. Final look was a marchallow-soft gown in array of pink hues.
Normally I'm not interested in jewels. I have no love for precious stones or metals however this has changed a few seasons back when I first witnessed how pearls mean more than Manhattan's Upper-East side. Once again Lanvin delivered piesces that may be more thought after than the frocks. I love the way the necklaces were piled on thus reducing their status, going even further, the models wore one earing only - painting a picture of a woman who is fabulously haphazard.
P.S. As we all know Karl Lagerfeld is no spring chicken, the man is 72 and has been on top of the fashion game for a long time. Many wondered who would take over as creative director of Chanel when Lagerfeld resigns and the name that had been mentioned is Alber Elbaz. It's hard to imagine anyone but Lagerfeld designing Chanel although it would be interesting to see how Elbaz works with tweed.

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