Autumn Look

Following the Burberry Prorsum show that was filled with trench coats albeit not as fabulous as mine I still decided that it was time for my brand new trench to see the world and face the chilly weather of London. Everyone knows that a trench coat is one of the essentials of a fully-functioning wardrobe and I only got mine a few week back. When I headed for the shops I knew that I wanted a classic looking trench in that beigy/khaki colour that Burberry does so well. What skipped my mind is that being fair skinned comes with many challanges and on of them looking deathly in anything neutral. The classic-coloured trench blent in with my hair and gave my skin a trange sickly tint so off I reached for it's vibrant option which made so much more sense. The moral of that superlong story? Just because it's a classic don't assume it will look great. Just think how many different versions of LBDs are out there. Classis also doesn't have to mean dull so look for something that suits first!
Trench - H&M
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MissMI6 said...

That's agoooorgeous coloured trench!! I'm lucky to have an aquascutum trench!! It was my grans ages ago, I still need to get it from my grandads house though! I think it's quite long too. Anyways this colour is perfect!! xx

The Sideshow Scrapbook said...

Love the trench coat.....I love all the trench and mac's out this season :)

Cool blog...keep it up

Laura xxx