Recycled Material

Let me open with this statement: I wasn't offended by what I saw. OK, now that I broke out the positive let me dwell on something else: bloody boho. Why is it that every single spring somebody just HAS to produce something boho-inspired...Tired, my eyes, so tired. Having seen Isabel Marants a/w show something convinced me to like the clothes and look forward to the fresh ideas on the runway. Instead we have Kate Moss's casual looks (which I love on Kate Moss) shows to us on the runway. There was a fur coat(!), raggedy looking striped skirt, neon pink dresses (!!!) and strange denimy-trousers. Some items are nice like the odd blazer or t-shirt dress and I am kind of loving the skinny scarves however everything else is just painfully mediocre.
Anyone with me?

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