Of Course!

After the initial awe of the Alexander McQueen show passed, which was a while, curiosity took over as in who will actually wear....THOSE shoes? Seeing is my mind is ridiculously distracted at any point in time I completely forgot about a certain, wonderful fashion creature - Lady GaGa. Of course it would be the great fashion experimenter to attempt walking and even dancing in the monstrously beautiful creation otherwise knows as the Armadillo shoes. She also wore the gold dress and a pair of sculpted heels.

So ugly that they're actually beautiful! The detail in these shoes is crazy (for the lack of a better phrase) and I want to see how the high street (mainly Topshop) are going to interpret them.

These remind me or dragons and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Now, it takes courage (and then some) to actually wear an entire outfit from the lizard inspired collection but that's exactly what couture lover Daphne Guinness did. She chose look 24 completed with pastel coloured shoes that actually looked soft, romantic and quite...wearable? Hmmm....I think I love them.


City Love said...

Woah, those are some crazy heels. Found you on Polyvore. Check out my blog too! http://www.headtostiletto.blogspot.com

MissMI6 said...

Ahhh, I did a video post on gaga too haha. those shoes... apparently they are in harvey nicks!! go and have a look! lol and give them enough love for the both of us.. uhhhhmazing.