Leathered Limbs

Continuing on my previous post I decided to declare my further love of leather this season. We've been sporting leather jackets for years now, trying to bring out the rebel side and it seems that leather is now accepted by the masses as fashion forward and is no longer reserved for ladies of the night and biker chicks. Designers such as YSL and Bottega Veneta are responsible for the sophisticated outlook on leather we now possess.

Anything goes: from dresses to jackets to shorts and skirts. Designers strayed from black but I think that black is most flattering and has longevity in terms of fashion as opposed to the electric blue jacket at Stella McCartney.

The question of leather on leather has the same answer as denim on denim: NO! What I mean is mix textures, if you're wearing a suede skirt don't wear suede boots or if you're wearing a leather dress don't pair it with leather knee-boots of the same texture. This is explored at Pucci where a model wears leather shorts with suede over the knee boots and it looks amazing.

Balmain Jean Paul Gaultier
Stella McCartney
Yves Saint Laurent

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The Fashion Enthusiast said...

I don't think leather will ever go out of style... they may take on different forms but never will they completely disappear