Top To Kane

Ladies...Christopher Kane is designing a collection for Topshop! When I say collection I don't mean a few pieces that vaguely resemble famous looks from past seasons but an actual collection consisting of 39 pieces including shoes and bags. Yes, some do vaguely resemble past looks but over all it feels very relevant and fresh. The colour pallete isn't too varied but I guess he's trying to inject that 'collection' feel and we also see recurring themes with the eyelet studs. From the lookbook I can see a few dresses that will prove to be a sell out but will I rush to the Oxford Street Topshop the night before 18th September with a tent? That remains to be seen as the prices are £40-160! How about you? Do you like what you see and do you want some Kane action in your wardrobe?


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! 4th dress down... I want that! Such a shame it can't be as unique as his high fashion stuff, obviously due to price etc... oh amazing.

Carte Blanche said...

Yes! I want this collection in my wardrobe! Too bad there isn't a TP in LA yet. At least I can order online :)