Back In Black

I was in Regent Street's H&M a few days back and I picked up their magazine to see if there's anything eye catching so to my delight there was an editorial of Angela Lindvall titled 'Back In Black'. As the name suggests the photoshoot is black and white and only using a monochrome pallete for the clothing. The styling was impeccable and it was a nice feeling to look at the prices and know I can afford it!

This is inspired by THAT look of the season and the clash of the glam jewel top (customised) and biker jeans looks very urban.
The sexy trousers are given a casual edge with a men's look shirt. The accessories are minimal, just a pair of earrings to keep things feminine. This is my personal favourite look. The dress channels YSL in it's structure with leather being a material of the moment. At £25 it will also be making an appearance in my wardrobe and for once I am temted to completely copy a look.
The combination of glamourous/conservative/provocative is a strong one. It works since the single elements create counter-balance. Underwear as outwear is an idea I would like to flirt and this particular look is done in a very classy way which can be hard to achieve.

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Hannah Lucy said...

great post!! i love your blog, wish i lived in the uk purely for topshop/h&m..

keep up the great work :)