Poor Posen

I took a liking to Zac Posen while watching 'Stylista' and realising that not only is he a master of construction but is also very cute. Watching his amazing black dress on Charlotte in Sex and the City just fuelled my fondness of him.

Seeing his latest collection I couldn't stop myself feeling underwhelmed. I loved the pieces as individuals but the collection didn't have a feel of unity or fluidity. Some of the outfits looked random and as if they were added at the last minute. Also I could not figure out where the inspiration came from since some of the pieces had Victorian detailing while others made me think of the Russian Matryoshka dolls.

Exaggerated shoulders and beautiful ruffle details on the skirt
One of the more structured pieces, mutes colours and tailoring Lace with leather, strong look for the season but not that fitting to his over all collection Bold, rich colour and Russian influence My favourite look- Victorian style dress and blouse updated with pleating details and bold shoulders Zac, I love you. Please find your point of view again!

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