London's Gem

Nestled in the heart of London's posh area, Notting Hill, is a magical place by the name of Portobello Market. This place completely surreal due to numerous market stalls lining the streets as well as many little shops comfortably sitting on it's high street. Portobello is mainly a plave for independant boutiques and vintage stores but if you're after something more expensive, not that the vintage here is cheap, you can find Preen and What Katie Did alongside other designer gems.
This is a great shop for all your vintage jewellery needs: Dior, Lacroix and many other popular brands with afforadle prices.
My other reason to freaquently visit Portobello is it's Hummingbird Bakery, London's answer to Magnolia in Manhattan. The cafe is an amazing place to make a stop for coffee and sample the imaginative freshly baked cupcakes amongst other baked goodness. The bakery became famous for it's cupcakes and it's easy to see why. This particular specimen is 'Red Velvet' cupcake named after the vivid colour. Now, the simple outfit I wore when I went there. Cut off denim shorts paired with a floral cami, layered necklaces, a blazer and completed with a pair of gladiators.


TheStrawberryFields said...

You look very chic nice shorts and blazers are a must have :)

My friend goes to London quite alot and she never goes shopping,she is strange like that :P

VintageLover said...

Not shopping in London? :O
How can she resist? hehe xoxo

Marsey said...

London offers some great new designers yet they offer many classic designers as well... and I actually went to that jewelry store. Very good spot if you want to find something unique, different, and bold.

arkasha said...

you look gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you're sooo pretty ! Now i see the face behind my co-mod on polyvore lol ! omg the humming bird dont even get me started!! Those cupcakes!!!! Omg ... no words... Great inspiration collage above :)