This collage was made by me on the numerous occassions of rainy days in London. Now, I would never take my scissors to Vogue or Elle but I will happily cut up the fabulous inserts that come with them like the ones that came with this month's style bibles. All my favourite looks and trends from the shows feature on this collage that has now found it's home on the inside door of my wardrobe therefore whenever I open looking for an outfit I can draw inspiration from it. Colourfull hoisery, sequins for daytime, over sized necklaces, big knits and THOSE shoulders - it just gives me something new to think about when I am getting dressed.


The Fashion Enthusiast said...

this is truly inspirational... you picked the best looks from the best shows.Good job!


TheStrawberryFields said...

Im actually thinking of doing something like this myself i have stupid amounts of fashion magazines.

Thanks for the ideas on the dress,i like the sound of the layering and the necklaces...my BF got me it so i shall play play play :)

Engreida said...

Love it!