Lola By Marc Jacobs

Casually strolling through Selfridges I noticed a bizzare looking perfume bottle with an oversized, swirly top and a simplistic bottle. I was then attacked by a spritzer girl that insisted that I try this potion of floral notes. The perfume in question is of course the amazing Lola by Marc Jacobs that grips you with it's bottle before winning you over with the delicate scent. That's what I like about Marc's perfumes: they're very clean. No matter what combination of ingredients go into making the scent they always come out delicate and sophisticated, never over-powering. That was certnly the case with Daisy and now Lola is proving to be a brilliant follow up from the brand.

The outfit here was inspired by the quirky design of the bottle and also the beautiful floral nature of the perfume. The image is taken from the advertising campaign featuring Karlie Kloss.


The Fashion Enthusiast said...

I love this perfume... it's very different from Daisy, which I love because there's nothing I hate more than a designer creating perfumes that smell the same.

MissMI6 said...

I'm so jealous that you are able to start blog posts with sentences like "Casually strolling through selfridges..."
Lol... damn u living in london!! Haha . I love the bottle of this perfume.

Carte Blanche said...

I love the bottle. So pretty it's the way all perfume should be packaged. Don't know what it smells like yet but I'm usaully a fan of MJ perfumes.