Slavic Storm In A Teacup: Part 1

I have long had a fascination with the models behind the designer clothes. So often their beauty is played down to let the clothes speak although sometimes that beauty is hard to silence and what you get is a union where the model is as important as the outfit she is wearing. The catwalks are now populated by girls with not just super long legs and incredibly slim bodies but also girls with personality that bring the garments alive.

When researching the current 'it' models I came across a trend that isn't very surprising - Eastern European Girls. Perhaps it is their 'natural' body type, strapping will power to not eat or razor-sharp cheek bones that make them so successful in this industry.

I decided to dedicate a three-part post to the most influential Eastern European Models of the Moment.

Eniko Mihalik-Hungary
Irina Kulikova-Russia
Kamila Filipcikova-Slovakia
Vlada Roslyakova-Russia
Tanya Dziahileva-Belarus

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MissMI6 said...

I love eniko, tanya d and vlada! Eniko is sooo cute when she's being interviewd, and her answers are a lot more elaborate than most models... Love this! xxx