With Autumn loudly knocking at our doors and every glossy magazine flooding us with the latest fall trends I decided that it was a good time to go shopping. The shop of choice? Suprisingly, River Island. I was never really a fan but lately they ditched the UV vests and embraces ripped denim, studs and chunky knits.
I came across two pairs of boots that I fell in love with. This first pair is rather practical with it's colour and the buckles. I like it's industrial look and I will be able to pair them with 85% of my current clothes.
A lot of people remember these Chloe boots that emerged last year and even after all this time fashionistas are chasing these elusive shoes. Now I am not going to chase them because I can't afford them but I did find an alternative.
What a fabulous coicidence! I'm sure River Island came up with this totally original design by themselves and only then realised the similarities these boots share with the Chloe pair. Either way, I love them.
Now, my question: which pair do I choose?


MissMI6 said...

Oh my god i saw these in a magazine.. i cant remember which... but they are such a rip off of the design haha, your little comment about their original design made me laugh. Anyway... the 1st pair look murch sturdier.. and you can always customize them yourself as they get worn

The Fashion Enthusiast said...

I like the first pair... the boots are gorgeous