Mommy, Why Don't People Dress Up For The Theater?

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of going to a play, An Inspector Calls. Even though it is not a huge theatre but something a little more intimate, still, in the heart of Leicester Square so I decided to at least wear a dress. What I discovered upon arriving there is that no body else bothered to get their glad rags on. It was all jeans and semi-casual tops and somehow I found that upsetting. In an age where there is a dress code only for the most exclusive of events surely people (women) would cherish every possibility of dressing up? So, yes, excuse the rather dodgy poses but I shall always dress up for the theatre.
Dress - Reiss, gloves - H&M


Grey Gardens

My Christmas evening (although it's not really my Christmas but we celebrated nonetheless) was spent watching the delightfully moving 'Grey Gardens' starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.
It began as a pretty movie who's 1930's style looked enticing and inspiring. You soon, however, discover that beneath the glossy costumes there is a real story. There was an original documentary about the characters, both named Edith Bouvier Beale. It is a story of glamour and how difficult and ultimately worthless it is. Also a story of the complicated relationships between mother daughter shot in two different places in time to show the two very different perspectives the characters hold.
I really enjoyed the film. It was inspiring in many ways from fashion to strengths of one's character. I guess I should now say: I advise you to watch it.


Feeling Nostalgic So Lets Reminisce

My mood is far from festive and for once it's not the teenage hormones. I feel a little sad, a little nostalgic. I'm thinking of the time that has passed and how much of it was spent laughing in hope that it outweighs the times spent in tears. Whilst I'm looking to the past I just wanted to share one of my all time favourite collections. Miu Miu - Spring 2008. It all looked a little childish with the heightened waistlines and harlequin prints. I loved the whimsical feel but most of all it were the collars reminding of the crochet ones I used to wear when I was younger.

Look Who's Being Stroppy Now!

Yes, yes, I know, I'm still talking about these but come on! If I am very late with the information I'm about to present do tell me so otherwise read on. From watching the McQueen show (YouTube style) it was clear that the girls were terrified of falling/dieing in the monstrously beautiful heels. I also noticed that Natasha 'Queen of The Catwalk' Poly wasn't doing it which felt me wondering. Now I know that Natasha together with Sasha Pivovarova and Abbey Lee Kershaw took one look at the shoes and refused to walk the show.
If that doesn't make you smile, nothing will!


I'll Go To Any Lengths For You, My Fashion Darling

The temperatures in London are seriously low. EVERYONE is wearing trousers/jeans. What do I do? I decide to, inconviniently, brave the cold/snow in a maxi dress and ankle boots. I'm not going to diverge on what happened there and instead will point out that maxis rock. For too long have we worn everything thigh skimming: skirts, shorts, dresses and even boots. It is worth trying out this new and suprisingly daring hemline. It works well for day as part of a more grungy look (1,3) and adds a sexiness to evening outfits (2) that is beyond the obvious. Spaceman Spaceman by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring Christopher Kane Iphones are ugly unless they have Miss Monroe on them :) Iphones are ugly unless they have Miss Monroe on them :) by ▲Captain▲Morgan▲ featuring Theory We Both Have Capes, Only One Is A Hero We Both Have Capes, Only One Is A Hero by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring Sara Berman clutches


The End Of The Decade May Bring A Seismic Shift

An amzing editorial by Terry Richardson for V Magazine. Fashion is for everyone and it's nice to see someone agreeing with that idea.


The One

Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia.
Caption: Beauty Above All


Is Paris Afraid Of Failure?

As I begin my post/rant I think it would be beneficial (fun too) to watch this video. It talks about Paris's new generation of designers. The video is an extract from a programme that I watched over at Style Bubble. You're welcome to check out the entire thing. (This clip is the fourth one down)

As far as I'm aware Paris doesn't have any sponsorship programmes so the designers are almost set to fail from the start unless they are able to finance it themselves. London has Fashion East and Fashion Fringe; also the press are keen to see who the next trendsetter will be. Basically: there's no snobbery towards the unknown.

This program confirmed that indeed Paris has some amazing talent. If monetary funds were available for them to fall back on, I believe even more would surface to smell the fashion world. Amongst the brilliant names mentioned, it was Alexandre Vauthier that really caught my eye. He has a talent, that is clear from only a few images of his collection. And yet , still, no help.

Is Paris afraid of failure? The city has status and the designers have power. The reviews overall are always positive. No one would dare say a bad word against Chanel or Gaultier. The new designers, sometimes, get a time slot to attempt success but the fashion crowd (power players) don't bother showing up. I think it is the fear that someone attempts a creation that's outside Paris's high standards. In the future, I hope Paris takes a chance on the talent that is holed up in apartments trying to get exposure.

P.S. Ironically as I write this post I am also watching Rihanna perform on Jonathan Ross wearing Alexandre Vauthier and I remember that she's sporting his dress in the video for Russian Roulette. Maybe whilst the fashion crowd ignore the talent, the celebrities can use their powers of advertising to promote the new (true? as in non-commercial, slightly wilder) talent.


I Guess It's Christmas

Hello all! I sound a little confused in my title but I am well aware that Christmas is coming. Unfortunately, I am not the loving, Christmas time and therefore the LIST is a little late. This isn't actually a list of suggestions (however you're free to draw inspirations) as a way of telling the universe what I would like to receive.
Books are great. People have slightly forgotten about them, although it could just be the my circle of friends. Any kind of picture/fashion/art book is a good buy just make sure that the person on the receiving end has some sort of an interest in the subject. Pretty much all the books I would love to get are available at Urban Outfitters. Don't forget The Sartorialist though.
Tom Ford's private blends are a completely different kind of perfume. The word 'bespoke' seems to spring to mind. The fragrances themselves are unisex which delivers a pungent smell that later transcends into something more delicate. Out of the 12 blends I have only sniffed a few as I was trying to not look strange. I picked Tobacco Vanille as 'my scent'. Of course, it doesn't smell of cigarettes, it is more of a spicy/sweet aroma. Mind you, the blends are pricey and I don't care that the bottles are 100ml. £100 for 100ml. Worth it? Completely.....(I know for sure that Selfridges stock them)
You shan't never forget what day of the week it is! Indeed, with these Stella McCartney panties, you'll just need to look down at your crotch for a pretty reminder. These are amazing! (Net-a-Porter)
Perhaps I'm reverting to my childhood state but there is something captivating about the Louboutin Barbie. Part Barbie part dominatrix with nicer shoes than I'll ever have. You don't need to be 9 to appreciate this beauty and with a £100 price tag, if you are nine, you can't afford it. (Look at Net-a-Porter)
We would all love a bit of Lanvin: in our wardrobes, on our feet and in our hands. Now, those who don't earn thousands can do that. Hoorah! Adorable Lanvin notebooks, available at Matches. £15 & £25.


The Impersonator

Lindsay Lohan has paid tribute to Kate Moss, photographically. I'll try to keep this short. Listen, I don't hate this. At times there's even a glimpse of Kate in her eyes and the photos look good. Is there a need to pay tribute to Kate? She still takes a rockin' picture on her own....


Positive Thinking

This picture has been in my photo library forever (at least since the Givenchy Couture show). It made me smile and brought some very positive thoughts into my otherwise dark-as-of-lately mind. Enjoy.

Just A Quickie

On Thursday I was given the opportunity to be in a photo shoot that revolved around cupcakes that I was required to eat, BIG hair and candy inspired make up. The shoot was for a project with a brilliant photographer, Oscar May, who won from British Vogue award in 2008. During the photo shoot I had a realisation... ...I'm really not cut out for modelling. This was just beauty headshots so I didn't have to worry about 'huge thighs' as one agent had described them. You know how models look normal during the day and when the make up goes on they're transformed into these amazing characters? In a way, I expected the same to happen to me. And...it didn't. I started off as me and after the foundation had smoothed out my skin and the eyeliner added drama to eyes, I didn't feel different. Just a little silly. The picture above was just a phone snap. I'll have the actual (hopefully re-touched) images by the end of the week so you can see what I'm talking about.


Natural Motifs

So, I picked two more designers to show off their cruise collections. First up is Erdem and my love for his floral prints continues. This time they're darker and more ominous loosing the 'girly' aspect and moving into serious style territory. I love the casual glamour of the floor length dresses that would look amazing at a party and a casual park stroll (as long as you can afford to do that).
Christopher Kane's natural inspiration is far more sinister than florals. Nuclear explosions and a kinds of pre-hurricane clouds are scattered on dresses, t-shirts and jackets. The mesh cut-outs add just the dose of cute whilst simplistic cuts keep the whole collection shic.