Mommy, Why Don't People Dress Up For The Theater?

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of going to a play, An Inspector Calls. Even though it is not a huge theatre but something a little more intimate, still, in the heart of Leicester Square so I decided to at least wear a dress. What I discovered upon arriving there is that no body else bothered to get their glad rags on. It was all jeans and semi-casual tops and somehow I found that upsetting. In an age where there is a dress code only for the most exclusive of events surely people (women) would cherish every possibility of dressing up? So, yes, excuse the rather dodgy poses but I shall always dress up for the theatre.
Dress - Reiss, gloves - H&M


▲Captain▲Morgan▲ said...

Oh you look gorgeous! Haha dressing for the theatre! Well it shows you have class :)

You really suit the black liner on the top of your eyes by the way! Lovely dress, very very stylish! what's the bottom like? xxx

TheStrawberryFields said...

Its always disheartening to walk in somewhere all dressed up to see no one has bothered but then you feel great because you have made the effort.
Dont stop trying!