I Guess It's Christmas

Hello all! I sound a little confused in my title but I am well aware that Christmas is coming. Unfortunately, I am not the loving, Christmas time and therefore the LIST is a little late. This isn't actually a list of suggestions (however you're free to draw inspirations) as a way of telling the universe what I would like to receive.
Books are great. People have slightly forgotten about them, although it could just be the my circle of friends. Any kind of picture/fashion/art book is a good buy just make sure that the person on the receiving end has some sort of an interest in the subject. Pretty much all the books I would love to get are available at Urban Outfitters. Don't forget The Sartorialist though.
Tom Ford's private blends are a completely different kind of perfume. The word 'bespoke' seems to spring to mind. The fragrances themselves are unisex which delivers a pungent smell that later transcends into something more delicate. Out of the 12 blends I have only sniffed a few as I was trying to not look strange. I picked Tobacco Vanille as 'my scent'. Of course, it doesn't smell of cigarettes, it is more of a spicy/sweet aroma. Mind you, the blends are pricey and I don't care that the bottles are 100ml. £100 for 100ml. Worth it? Completely.....(I know for sure that Selfridges stock them)
You shan't never forget what day of the week it is! Indeed, with these Stella McCartney panties, you'll just need to look down at your crotch for a pretty reminder. These are amazing! (Net-a-Porter)
Perhaps I'm reverting to my childhood state but there is something captivating about the Louboutin Barbie. Part Barbie part dominatrix with nicer shoes than I'll ever have. You don't need to be 9 to appreciate this beauty and with a £100 price tag, if you are nine, you can't afford it. (Look at Net-a-Porter)
We would all love a bit of Lanvin: in our wardrobes, on our feet and in our hands. Now, those who don't earn thousands can do that. Hoorah! Adorable Lanvin notebooks, available at Matches. £15 & £25.

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Little Newman said...

Wonderful christmas list; those Lanvin notebooks are wonderful, as are the Stella McCartney pants.
Your commentry is amazing, and makes me smile :)