Just A Quickie

On Thursday I was given the opportunity to be in a photo shoot that revolved around cupcakes that I was required to eat, BIG hair and candy inspired make up. The shoot was for a project with a brilliant photographer, Oscar May, who won from British Vogue award in 2008. During the photo shoot I had a realisation... ...I'm really not cut out for modelling. This was just beauty headshots so I didn't have to worry about 'huge thighs' as one agent had described them. You know how models look normal during the day and when the make up goes on they're transformed into these amazing characters? In a way, I expected the same to happen to me. And...it didn't. I started off as me and after the foundation had smoothed out my skin and the eyeliner added drama to eyes, I didn't feel different. Just a little silly. The picture above was just a phone snap. I'll have the actual (hopefully re-touched) images by the end of the week so you can see what I'm talking about.

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MissMI6 said...

be quiet. lol.

That is aweeesome that you got to model with him, I love his photos!
And oooh cupcake.
And now I'll say, you really are gorgeous, don't bloody listen to agents, they want you to look like a piece of paper so the clothes look better, but whatever. I think you look like Jessica Stam and Vlada/ maybe hmmm I can't place it, anyway if they had a love child - you would be the offspring! Lol. And you certainly transform. those photos on FB with the orangey lip colour, you look stunning.
I'd keep at it if I were you :)

sorry for the annoyingly long comment.