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By now everyone should've realised just how much I love stripes. No, really. I LOVE stripes. Red&white, navy&white, grey&black, Black&white - just about any combination works for me and I wear an outfit that includes striped at least twice a week 'cos I'm cool like that. (I refrained really hard from not sayin LOL). What you're seeing is a simple skirt that I picked on on sale somewhere with a long-line stripe top that has some shoulder pad detail and a stud belt. The bag. Lets talk about it. I have discovered a Marc Jacobs in my mum's closet and have firmly claimed it as my own. It's from a few seasons ago but who cares? In my eyes it's a classic.
I'm also mixing silver with gold which is supposed to be a big 'no-no' but in real life people don't have the time to match such details.


Hat Talk

Hats. Yes, it seems like a good time to talk about them. You know with autumn looming and all? I've always found hats to be slightly romanticized in their nature, maybe due to historic nostalgia that is exuded when one wears a hat or the numerous 'tortured' indie boys who walk arounf with fedora/bowler/tribly hats. Nevertheless on a woman they add something mysterious and unarguably stylish since very few actually wear hats nowadays. My prefered hats are berets and crochet beanie types but I am not opposed to a floppy-brimed one that covers my face and obstructs my vision.
To summarise:
Try a hat!!! Give Me A Chance To Get It Right Give Me A Chance To Get It Right by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring 3.1 Phillip Lim tops


Did You Notice?

I'm not going to go on about Balenciaga but will instead draw your attention to a particular model that walked that show. Concentrate hard and you will see that this is indeed Miranda Kerr. She has obviously made the transition from commercial to high-end and this was doe by the extreme emaciation of her body. Personally, I often admire Victoria's Secret models for the healthy thinness they present so to see one of the 'angels' loose feminity is a tad disheartening. On the other hadn this is Paris and Paris wants the girls as thin as possible so kudos to her for being cast as part of such a huge show.



Today, for some reason, I got thinking about capes hence the cheesy title. Capes are really cool! You must be really amazed with that comment so I shall elaborate. It's probably the quirkiness of it that draws me in as well as impracticality. In London wearing a cape is like protestin against the weather, usless, nonetheless I attempted to style outfits that would take cape from editorials and chauffer-driven ladies to those girls who have to use public trasport and sometimes walk if they're forgotten their Oyster/ran out of money. Don't forget thick tights (maybe thermal undies too!) Cape Time Cape Time by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring PRPS Cape Time (Evening) Cape Time (Evening) by Z♥LDN (Join.My.Blog.) featuring Balmain


For The Love Of Lanvin

Warning: this post contains a huge amount of photos and gushing, proceed with caution.
The show opened with a typically 'Lanvin' look of glamour and sophistication but the fash-pack craved more. Oy, if only they knew what Monsieur Elbaz had in store. What became apparent after a few minutes was that Elbar was taking his 'woman' on a journey. He looked for something deeper which is evident in all the details and some raw edges - perfect imperfections. Flaws make us interesting and enhance the otherwise unatainable air of the clothes.
There show was divided into to parts, at least in my mind. First: day-glam and second: glam-siren. The detailing of the sequined umpsuits makes my eyes water with its sheer beauty and the beading looks too intricate to touch. Colours are simply amazing, spring-like without loosing that luxe richness. Final look was a marchallow-soft gown in array of pink hues.
Normally I'm not interested in jewels. I have no love for precious stones or metals however this has changed a few seasons back when I first witnessed how pearls mean more than Manhattan's Upper-East side. Once again Lanvin delivered piesces that may be more thought after than the frocks. I love the way the necklaces were piled on thus reducing their status, going even further, the models wore one earing only - painting a picture of a woman who is fabulously haphazard.
P.S. As we all know Karl Lagerfeld is no spring chicken, the man is 72 and has been on top of the fashion game for a long time. Many wondered who would take over as creative director of Chanel when Lagerfeld resigns and the name that had been mentioned is Alber Elbaz. It's hard to imagine anyone but Lagerfeld designing Chanel although it would be interesting to see how Elbaz works with tweed.


I'll Meet You At The Barn

Wow..this was certainly unexpected. Who knew that Karl Lagerfeld had a thing for barns? It's actually quite exciting, not him having a thing for barns, but as a concept which Lagerfeld executed amazingly par the shoes. Lily Allen perfomed! You may recall that her video for 'It's Not Fair' was also set in a barn-type of studio so perhaps her and Lagerfeld got together and decided it would oh-so-ironic to share the concept although it could be a fluke, you decide!
Ok, so the shoes. The first part of the collection featured milk-maid clog type of things which was so out of sync with the brand's image my eyes didn't know where to look. On the bright side, just about every look was pure Chanel but cuter. Yes, the word cute is exactly what is needed to describe it as it is paired back Chanel, one that has let it's hair down and rolled about in the hay.
The gowns were of a relaxed glamour that create effortless lines around the body with sheerness to express the naughtier attitude of the Chanel girl this season. The hemlines were flirtaciously thigh-skimming whilst the ivory colours kept it day-light friendly. As always we didn't see a whole lot of colour variation but the man tried with some red outfits aswell as some denim and a small bunch of floral prints -injected as youthful touches.
Another season and another hit (the shoes improved as the show went on) all thanks to Karl's ever evolving vision that doesn't compromise on heritage. The clothes seemed much more 'girl' than 'woman', arguably the main client of the brand, still he should not worry since most women want youthfully tastefull clothes.


Recycled Material

Let me open with this statement: I wasn't offended by what I saw. OK, now that I broke out the positive let me dwell on something else: bloody boho. Why is it that every single spring somebody just HAS to produce something boho-inspired...Tired, my eyes, so tired. Having seen Isabel Marants a/w show something convinced me to like the clothes and look forward to the fresh ideas on the runway. Instead we have Kate Moss's casual looks (which I love on Kate Moss) shows to us on the runway. There was a fur coat(!), raggedy looking striped skirt, neon pink dresses (!!!) and strange denimy-trousers. Some items are nice like the odd blazer or t-shirt dress and I am kind of loving the skinny scarves however everything else is just painfully mediocre.
Anyone with me?

Autumn Look

Following the Burberry Prorsum show that was filled with trench coats albeit not as fabulous as mine I still decided that it was time for my brand new trench to see the world and face the chilly weather of London. Everyone knows that a trench coat is one of the essentials of a fully-functioning wardrobe and I only got mine a few week back. When I headed for the shops I knew that I wanted a classic looking trench in that beigy/khaki colour that Burberry does so well. What skipped my mind is that being fair skinned comes with many challanges and on of them looking deathly in anything neutral. The classic-coloured trench blent in with my hair and gave my skin a trange sickly tint so off I reached for it's vibrant option which made so much more sense. The moral of that superlong story? Just because it's a classic don't assume it will look great. Just think how many different versions of LBDs are out there. Classis also doesn't have to mean dull so look for something that suits first!
Trench - H&M
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