I Haven't Thought Of You Lately At All

recently, I've found myself to be quite detached from fashion. I've been shopping and looked at all the latest offerings from New York fashion week and I still cannot connect to it like I did last season. The reason to me is obvious and I don't want to keep talking about it but it changed the view I have on fashion, maybe not for long but certainly for now.
I decided to not do what I usually do (review quite a few shows from each fashion week) but just go with it. If there's something nice I'll post it, I don't have much time or care for negativity. This thought brought me right to Proenza Schouler and their departure from the nu-rave-surf aesthetic into a grown-up school chic. When I first saw the collection I immediately though of Taylor Momsen with her love for thigh-highs, gothic lips and bleach hair: all elements combines on the catwalk created a great look. As for the clothes, simplicity ruled with statement scribble print that added a care-free element to the otherwise stern outfits. This collection is exactly what I want to wear today and not next season as it incorporates style and a sort of warmth without compromise on flirtiness and comfort (as long as we discard the hosiery that is).

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