It Was Not Your Fault But Mine And It Was Your Heart On The Line

It took a long time but I'm finally here. Indeed, it's time for me to tell why I disliked, well, Chanel. I understand that saying you don't like Chanel is like saying air isn't necessary for life in the fashion world but their couture show was just so...blah. Do you wonder what Coco Chanel would say about her brand now? Sure, it's about evolving with the times except it needs to remain, at least, nice. For the first time in my fashion life (around 3 years) have I had negative thoughts towards Chanel and to be honest this collection just pissed me off. It floated somewhere between dowdy and Lolita land whilst the fabric, in many cases, remained stiff. Some looks were OK but usually it's the majority that's a highlight whilst 1 or 2 are bloopers. Take Exhibit A, the model looks fat and she's half my size. Wearability points? None. I have to stop because I can taste the venom on my lips...However, the hair was kind of cute.
Exhibit A
What happened here?!? This is Valentino! To start with, it looked like Herve Leger pret-a-porter and why on earth would Valentino, the brand the designer himself (obviously), do that? Gone is the glamour and understated beauty; it's been replaced with sherbet coloured mummy-bandages. I was genuinely upset to discover that this is the direction Valentino will be headed in. I applauded their ready-to-wear but thought that couture would remain true to the house's history. Clearly it's out with the old and in with the new.

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Little Newman said...

Two things.
The first is entirely unrelated (well, not entirely) but I love Little Lion Man and Mumford and sons are amazing.

To the point of this post, I agree with you completely, the Chanel dress is completely hideous. Is it tweed? Because in my opinion dresses should not be comprised of tweed and taffeta with ruffles thrown on for good measure (but with awful judgment).