I’ll Make It Through Each Day, Singing Death Or Glory

I contemplated for a while whether I should attempt a kind of review of the Spring Couture shows hence why I am so late. Turned out that indeed I had quite a few opinions and unfortunately not all of them positive. Before my I unleash my critique I thought I'd share who, in my opinion, made the best of Couture Week. Givenchy is one of my top 5 brands I look forward to seeing no matter what season or occasion so to no surprise I was extremely in love with many of the looks. It wasn't a departure from the 'usual' look of darkness and gothic love but Tisci built on it to create looks that would be coveted by women across the age ranges and not just teens who are desperate for Givenchy's over sized studs (I know I am). It was somewhat out of character to present the sequined jumpsuits, it looks a tad like Lanvin, although they made a great addition to the over all aesthetic.
I never really took notice of Armani Privé because I perceived it to be a brand about heavy beading and 'expected' Oscar dress choices for many starlets. Upon seeing the spring collection I somewhat changed my mind. It wasn't couture as one imagines it, theatrical and over the top, but wearable and ever so beautiful. I just want to run my hand along the seams of the silky fabrics as they look so perfectly constructed! Simple, clean and covetable.
Dior did what it did best: melodramatics. I'm not a particular fan because I cannot see anyone wearing this (many will say Lady Gaga or Daphne Guinness) however one day the collections will make a great museum exhibit. Still, this is couture and there's enough whimsy and creative ideas to make it interesting. Also this collection at least attempted to look different from the previous 2 or 3 that, in my mind, were no different from one another.
Elie Saab. It was all I anticipated the collection to be, in a good way. Must we always push boundaries and try to make something outrageous and expensive that looses its worth in over-the-top silhouettes? JUST NO! There is still beauty in exquisite dresses and nude palettes adorned with lace and intricate details. To me, Saab is much a classic couturier. There's a sense of history and couture is just that, not clothing to be worn but to be admired. Style.com was, in my opinion, incompetent to write that 'it was just a bit too fantasy-prom to cut it in Couture week'. The collection was angelic. To me couture should forever try and play on a fantasy for a woman that wants to escape the dreary pavements of the ordinary world and Saab succeeded in transporting a fragment of the sky into his creations.


Anonymous said...

You should be a fashion journalist, you write so well.
Oh I reckon Daphne will have a go at the Dior, I love her. You know what - I LOVED Givenchy .. but that make-up - well I thought it was horrific! I don't think any of the models carried it well.. but the make-up isn't too important I spose. Haha.

But gosh, If i get married I want an Elie Saab dress - i mean LOOK! http://images.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&um=1&sa=1&q=elie+saab+A%2FW+09&btnG=Search&aq=f&oq=&start=0

Awesome reviews :) xxx

Little Newman said...

The Saab dresses are sumptuous!
That is the sort of garment I would happily spend my lifes' savings on- that is, if I had any.

Wonderful critique, keep it up :)