Darling, You Must Try A Cupcake

I did a photo shoot a while back with Oscar May and the whole concept was based around bright coloured cupcakes. The images were only beauty shots so I decided to style them for my imaginary editorial. The colours are inspired by the cupcakes and I also tried to show off my styling preferences just a little bit.


Tomorrow said...

Hiya thanks for the comment are u going to do a monotonal outfitt for me? Please say yes I really need the rainbow and I will draw watercolours of the best outfits!!!!
Tomorrow x

TheStrawberryFields said...

These are lovely especially the one were you are holding the cupcake at your nose,congrats on a fab shoot!

Are you looking to get in to modelling?

▲Captain▲Morgan▲ said...


I wanted to see more of these, but I really do bloody LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with the green cupcake, (did they taste good too? haha), But seriously, you look so gorgeously stunning in them!! What's happening with these photos then? Are they going in a mag or a site or something??


Little Newman said...

They're finally up!
You look amazing, I'm seriously jealous! Those cupcakes look fab too :)