Body Art

We have reached a point in fashion where it is no longer enough to covet dresses or bags. Expensive jewellery is out too, currently it's about body art. On various catwalks transfer tattoos made an interesting appearance but it was Chanel that really caused a stir. You see, they're actually going to sell them. It all reminds me of when I was 6 and LOVED having a colourful butterfly somewhere on my arm, it only cost about 50p too. Undoubtedly Chanel's tattoos aren't half as trashy as my then butterfly. They have cleverly made them to look like some of their iconic accessories branded with those double c's. You can purchase your tattoos exclusively from Chanel boutiques from March 12. The cost of such fashion innovation/experimentation? £49 for five sheets that will include 55 designs.
P.S. The waiting list is already open so good luck!
(Information from Vogue UK Feb 10)


▲Captain▲Morgan▲ said...

OH No way. WANT WANT WANT!!!! Hahahaha, I should ask my dad seeing as he is so anti real tattoos! amazing.

Little Newman said...

Those are gorgeous, and I really want them!

TheStrawberryFields said...

I might just get the real thing :P haha nah i wouldnt but they are fun if not a tad expensive but hey its Chanel.