Tomorrow is December

I actually have no idea how I got to December. Not because I have a reckless lifestyle and take major risks but because time keeps flowing as you're fixated on something small yet huge to you. I can clearly recall the days of summer I spent in Hampstead Heath in my denim cut-offs, tank tops and usually with a Frappuccino. I don't know if I miss summer, I miss the time of summer when I felt so carefree that time didn't matter. I didn't need a phone or a watch. What you did need is sunscreen. With winter it's different, you need a hat and a scarf, and tights (sometimes two pairs if you want to wear a dress). The season is beautiful but uncomfortable. I hate how my day is limited no only by multiple layers but also by a lack of light. I love the night only not the kind where the roads are frosted and I am in danger of slipping and breaking something. It quickly becomes mundane and routine: get out of bed and shiver, pull on a variation of jeans/trousers/jumper/over sized jumper/ankle boots. There aren't many ways to keep warm either. Hot chocolate becomes sickening and drinking hot mulled wine is frowned upon in college. This brings me, kind of, to my current favourite perfume: Tom Ford's Black Orchid. The scent is very delicious, a little like mulled wine but richer with a more complex nature of scent. Some may say that it's too mature or an evening fragrance but it does give me positivity on a day when I can't seen because snowflakes are in my eyes. It's very luxurious, so much so that a dull outfit feels more...charming? Well, something like that. I'm now looking to get some Tobacco&Vanille fragrance from his Private Blends Collection so if anyone wants to make happier, I'll give you an address you can send it to...

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Anonymous said...

I was gonna ask you what had happened to your blog lol.
Tom Ford's fragrances are amazing, both my mum and brother have them (I have samples haha!).
Tom Ford is starting to a annoy me slightly though..